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    I'm going to step in here and reitterate that Disney is not seeking to simply recreate" anything. "NewDisney" is attempting to bring the stories told by "Old Disney" to its present audiences in a way which makes the stories more understandable, relatable and accurate(with the caveat that they are creating diverse casts).
    These new diverse casts are to create a better sense of equality in diversity/diverse communities to potentially aid the end of racist tendencies(which recent creators have not denied existed in Old Disney)
    The casting of any persons of colour has not been of any issue or compromise to story/importance of the remake vs original for those who have loved the originals thus far and people need to unbunch their nickers. In some cases they're even bringing is more of characters. We learn more of why Gaston was the way he was in the B&TB film and Belle has made a comeback as a role model for independent young girls again, and in Cinderella we got a larger visual of why Cindy never "simply left" her heavily toxic and abusive situation, as so many people have harped on that film for in the past. These remakes are doing well at explaining/showing some of life's harder struggles and making them understandable for young people who can be understanding later.
    Race is a concept completely created by humanity/people. It is taught. Originally (and unfortunately, presently) by people of pale skin, but now in every home of colour. Kids are taught not to be outside at particular times for fear of being killed, because people who look different from them don't understand it and get afraid or uncomfortable. By creating more diversity in glorified settings, like Disney films, children of today can normalize the differences which have been of issue for people for millenia and stop feeling those feelings of fear and discomfort and maybe we'll see less racist behaviors in society as the youth watching them age.
    All this said, Ariel's family is diverse in the original (perhaps not in colour of skin, but they vary in shapes and features, which was a start at the time when idealizing people unhealthily slim was at a height)
    With regards to music, Lin Manuel has been doing some wonderful work, between Hamilton and Mary Poppins and several other projects and we can trust, likely, that he won't be part of something too messed around.
    Wait for the film, then pass judgement.

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    well, you could say they have gone against their own prerequisites for Disney princesses:
    actresses and performers should actually look like the respective princess to be accepted.
    Will they cast differently in Disney world now too?
    Would be fun to see, people seeing a row of black and asian girls and trying to guess who is who^^

    not that I give a rat's behind. Never been to any Disneyworld, nor have i seen any of their movies except Beauty and the Beast.

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    @Echidna they already have an Asian Ariel at Disney Tokyo and not only her, most of the characters there are Asian

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Fenicia View Post
    @Echidna they already have an Asian Ariel at Disney Tokyo and not only her, most of the characters there are Asian
    that's to be expected. How would they get that many foreigners to fill all the roles?

    Besides, no one is going to be confused by an asian snow white. She's probably prettier than her european counterparts.
    If you cast a nilote for the role, though^^

    anyway, as I said. I detest anything Disney.
    I just wish youtube would stop bombarding me with Disney news and stuff.
    They don't seem to get the memo no matter how often I check the "not interested"-button.
    Maybe because the youtube algorithm of stupid has determined someone with a mermaid channel must also love cartoons, kiddie stuff, and Disney.

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    She is an interesting choice, at least smth new.

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    I did a search and found that a lot of black women look amazing with red hair.

    These look to me like white women with a deep tan so race seems like an artificial construct.
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    I love this! I have always been obsessed with The Little Mermaid, and to have her look like me in skin color makes me feel good! Her voice is awesome and I can't wait to see it!

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    2021 is going to be an amazing year!! Imma probably see this movie twice on pre night, a few times on opening weekend, and a few times a week until its on Disney+. I saw Halle at d23 and she's such a beautiful creature! Her energy was so bright and warm! She's gonna do justice for Ariel!!!

    Yall should follow liveactionariel on IG for some bombtastic fanart of her!!!

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    Surprised this thread hasn't been that active here.... Well:

    Thus far we haven't gotten any official images, however we have gotten a few leaks and behind the scenes so that we can guess what we are going to be seeing.

    1) Halle uploaded a photo on her birthday last year and then deleted it. In the photo, you could see her red tinted locs with the classic "Ariel swoop". Some people have recolored the photo to get a better idea of what shes going to look like as Ariel.

    2) We have thus far seen three merpeople in full costume. A middle eastern looking merman with an orange colored tail. A white blonde haired mermaid with a light blue tail. And a teenage Black mermaid with a blue and yellow tail.

    3) We have photos of what appears to be Ariel sneaking into the kingdom, riding in the back of cart. There was also a video of this scene being shot that leaked. It appears to be a brand new musical number. However, there is a loud thumping sound edited over the video so we cant really make out what is being sung. This confirms a few things:

    4) Ariel will have musical numbers when she is mute, just like in the broadway musical and

    5) Eric's kingdom seems to be set in the Caribbean in the 1800s based on the style of dress and the fact that the people in the kingdom are predominantly Black.

    6) We have photos of Ariel and Eric riding in the carriage along the beach.

    7) We have seen puppets of Sebastian, Flounder, and Scuttle, although its unclear if they are made to model what they'll actually look like in the film or if they are just stand ins.

    8) We have photos of a rehearsel on the beach of Ariel and Eric, after she saved him from drowning. From this alone, we can confirm the tails are extended.

    9) The wedding fight climax takes place in a seaside church, rather than on a boat.

    Also, from photos we have seen, there seems to be a scene being shared between the humans and the three merpeople i mentioned above. We have photos of all of them on set. The merpeople on the shore and the humans with them. At first i thought perhaps it was a glashback scene as the young teenage mermaid KINDA resembles Halle, but apart from the fact that Ariels tail is green and not blue and yellow, Ariel and Eric also seem to be present in the scene (Along with sebastian, flounder, and scuttle). So...idk whats going on in this scene or WHEN it takes place in the story. Some have speculated its a new take on the Kiss The Girl number as i think there is a photo of Ariel and Eric in a small boat. But still...that makes even less sense.

    10) We haven't gotten much about Ursula, but according to Melissa McCarthy, theres a scene where she's climbs up a giant clamshell. I have speculated the clamshell in question is Triton's throne and i think it happens during the climax but just guessing.

    So yea. Im excited for this film.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Satine View Post
    Ok so Iím gonna be the devils advocate in this thread I donít want to argue just want to state my opinion!

    The little mermaid animated movie is a big part of how I survived a mentally and emotionally abusive and neglected child hood! It help me deal with many tramas!

    As such Iíve been looking forward to seeing her on screen with a real actress ever since I was a child and have alway pictured her looking similar to the cartoon witch is what is supposed to happen when you are recreating the cartoon! Every little mermaid movie that has come out since Iíve been disappointed because they didnít have the songs they didnít have the setting! And there have been rumors for years about the little mermaid being made real with the same music and everything from the cartoon! So the excitement has been building for years and then to be slapped in the face by we are going to change the main character of the film witch also has down stream effects of changeing all her family and most likely the prince as well! And the iconic music will be changed! So it wonít be what weíve been hopeing to see for years! It will be something completely different! And now since they claim it as the live action remake! We will have to wait years more to get them to remake it closer to the cartoon if they even ever do! I think itís awesome that Disney is trying new stuff just donít do it with a classic that has had expectations and hopes and dreams for years! Make a new empowering story something that can stand on its own with out needing a crutch from an existing story!

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    White skinned Ariel has appeared on tv, on broadway, at disney parks, on cruise ships, and on ice. Trust me when I tell you: You'll live if she's Black, once.

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