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Thread: starter monofin as a fantasea fin three?

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    starter monofin as a fantasea fin three?

    i'm new to mermaiding, and i've been looking at mermaid tails and monofins to start out wiht. i know finfun is a popular choice, but i'd prefer to avoid the "duck feet" look as much as possible! i've been looking at mertailor's fantasea fin three, would this be a bad idea?

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    It depends on the person really. I'd never recommend using such a large fin for a beginner. I've heard that silicone fins are much harder to get a kick started as well. I'd try a less expensive, and stiffer blade. Something like a finfun, a suntails, or even a linden. Whatever you choose to go with, just remember it's just as much about being safe as it is about having fun! So if you personally feel that it's safe for you, then go for it!

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    I bought the Linden as the mermaiding lessons I do they are insured to use Linden and hydra. I didnt want a finfun monofin either as my first one, but can honestly say the Linden is fantastic. I got toe cramp with the hydra first lesson, then the Linden 2nd. It's so comfortable, easy to get out of and great propulsion. I ordered the mertailor fantasea fin three, but this will be my 5th monofin. Mertailor do the guppy tails with the Linden monofin, that would be a great starter tail

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    I own all three and the 3 is a bit more intense than the other fins, it's wonderful but may be challenging as a first tail! the 1 or 2 may be easier


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