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    Red face Toronto Canada!

    Hello from a land locked mermaid and her two little fishes close to Toronto Canada.
    I am a mermaid for many reasons.
    1st is fun and peace to my soul.
    2nd is exercise. I have a very rare neurological condition that keeps me from getting my heart rate over 100. If I go over 100 b/m I get stabbing head pain.
    3nd slower motion. Because everything slows down in water I can see it better. I have optic nerve problems and can't see very well when objects or people move too fast.
    I have a background in early children education, teaching nature to young children, and children's metal health.
    I am currently a stay at mom with 2 girls.
    We just finished my 6y/o's fabric tail.
    She uses the mermaid linden mono and is quite a good swimmer. I post videos about our mermaid journey on my Instagram and I'm excited to meet new mermaids around me.
    Thank you for the welcome into the pod.

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    Welcome to the Mernetwork

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