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Thread: Eco friendly tail materials! -ramble?

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    Lightbulb Eco friendly tail materials! -ramble?

    Hi mer family This may be a bit of a ramble, but alas here I go. I am very aware when it comes to DIY tails, about eco and marine friendly materials. I will never understand sequin tails,or even tails with plastic elements... why put those into the water? Anyway... I want to make my own silicone tail, starting with a cork, marine safe silicone. Does anyone know of the most eco friendly materials in this area? Bonus if it doesn't have animal products in the formula, I can contact the company and ask if theres some recommendations I'm thinking to cork it on top of wetsuit pants for added warmth, not sure if that will stay... Also has anyone swam in a corked silicone tail, how does it travel and sustain? I want a black tail too, whether through painting or simply black silicone. Much mer love.

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    I've not done this myself but I believe what people use is the platinum silicon, but I don't know whether it's used as caulking onto other materials this way. But go into the "Making Tails" section, not costume ones, and you'll get a heap of advice and help.
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