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Thread: Hey folks!

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    Hey folks!

    Hellooo! I'm Rebecca (mermaiding as Ronelle) and I'm a British mermaid living in NYC. Believe it or not, when I was a kid taking swimming lessons, my instructor had me do a lot of crazy things (including life guard training at like age 8 ). One of those things was swimming in a monofin! 15 years or so later, here I am realizing that people do this for fun/exercise/career options now too. So of COURSE I had to get involved. I just recently bought my first monofin and tail (FinFun) and am looking forward to beginning training for those nifty mermaid moves.

    I'm also excited to start creating my own self-made tails, as I cosplay already. I'd love to make some mer-friends in the NYC area to swim with and share resources.

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    Hey hi hello There's a bunch of us floating around the NYC area, welcome!

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    Welcome to the Mernetwork

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    Thanks guys! I’m excited to be starting my mer journey (mer-ney if you will )

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    Welcome, Mermaid Ronelle! That sounds awesome, I'm excited for you
    Always in need of Vitamin Sea!


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