Hi Euro Pod!

I’ve finally taken what I hope is the first step of my mermaiding journey Recently graduated from my UK university and got my first monofin – a Mermaid Linden (Body Glove) one – with the intention of bringing it on my summer holiday to Portugal!

However ever since its arrival in the mail I am becoming increasingly pessimistic about travelling with it on Ryanair...

Does anyone have any advice and/or experience travelling with a monofin in Europe? I’m not sure if I should boldly walk through with it as carry-on (in addition to my carry-on bag) and let the crew put it in the hold, or try and stuff the monofin into my boyfriend’s suitcase (which may or may not fit... I don’t think many suitcases are usually 119cm in width! Need to get exact measurements for his suitcase!).

Any thoughts and advice would be much appreciated!

(P.S. If you’re in the East Anglia area, I’d love to meet up!)