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Thread: oops.. wrong forum?

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    Smile oops.. wrong forum?

    Get this, I'm studying for MB in college. I have been so since 2014. The thought never had crossed my mind, marine biology forum. And before i was here my english wasn't that great. However I've been here for some time now and i find it isnt so difficult. Anyways, I googled for an MB forum. 2 links were listed, one was a dead forum and the next, this place. Little did i know this was a "mermaid LARPER forum". What caught my eye was the activity. I wonder, is intelligent conversation possible in regards to the actual study of marine biology? Thanks, let me know.

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    we don't see it as larping, people are either swimming for fun or professional performers. It's it's own thing. "Mermaiding". While there's a little talk about marine biology on this forum it is mainly a costuming forum.

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    That's not a huge focus here, but there is some MB discussion. It certainly wouldn't hurt to have a MB floating around the forums; most of us might not be scientists, but a lot of us are very interested in water ecology and conservation. You might want to check out this section of the forum:

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