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Thread: Help! Starfish top!

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    Help! Starfish top!

    I have recently purchased a starfish mold in hopes of making a silicone starfish top. This mold wasnt cheap and I don't want to ruin it I'm trying to figure out how to color the silicone. Suggestions?

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    I'm no expert, and all my knowledge comes from YouTube crafters, but I'm sure there's silicone specific pigment that shouldn't transfer to the mold?
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    Hi! So in order to pigment your silicone you'll want to by powder pigment which you can find at Hobby Lobby. The brand I recommend is Jacquard Pearl Ex. It's roughly $6.00 in the US. The entire container is enough to color an entire Silicone tail so you only need a pinch. Good luck!

    And Hobby Lobby regularly has weekly coupons on regular priced items. I hope this helps! Also, make sure you get a good release for your silicone so it doesn't stick to the mold.
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