Ok yall so I am in a odd position and I figured talking to yall might help!

So my boyfriend wants to take a trip to either Saint John or saint thomas In November or December! He told me if I wanted to go I would need to get in shape and lose weight first! My boyfriend says he spends all his time snorkeling when he goes!

Now I need to lose about 30 pounds! And get in healthy range for my body type! So that stresses me out! But the thing that is kinda worrying me is when ever I swim it is usually in a pool! So there is no current or anything to fight against! I have never experienced a current or rip tide! Since I have never swam in the ocean more than chest high! This all makes me nervous!

Do yall have any advice for ocean swimming / snorkeling? In general as well as mermaiding there since it is such a beautiful location? If I can lose weight in time I will send my measurements to Mernation for my tail witch will prob take a few weeks to make! And Id like to take it with me to get some awesome
Pics and vids!

Im so torn and confused on all of this!

Ive also been diagnosed with von willibrands disease witch is a blood disorder causeing bruising and it takes me a long time to stop bleeding! ( found this out on Monday when I spent a good 12 hours bleeding when I cut my finger ) so I am also wondering how this will affect my swimming in a heavier silicone tail ( right now I have mertailor and finfolk fabric tails ) I just have a lot bouncing around my mind right now! What are yalls thoughts? Sugestions and advice?

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