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Thread: Hello Fellow Merfolk!

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    Hello Fellow Merfolk!

    Hello, I'm smollMerd (smollNerd but like, mermaid style), you can call me Jule! I'm an undergrad in college, work 2 jobs, and still find time to sit on my butt to play video games and watch TV. I'm from Southwest Virginia (right on the border of North Carolina) so I think that puts me in the Chesapeake Pod? I usually don't post much on forums but I really want to try to put an effort into posting here. I don't own a mermaid tail but when I was 10 I found a site selling custom ones and vowed to eventually have one. When I was 14 I tried making one out of a monofin and a pair of leggings but it didn't go so well. So now, after 12 years, I'm able to start saving up some money to be able to finally order a custom made silicone tail with all the bells and whistles (but hopefully I can get me a fabric one by the end of this summer to hold me over).

    I'm really shy, but I promise I'm friendly! I'm always looking for new friends and gaming buddies, so hit me up if you wanna talk mermaids, TV, games, or anything else!

    I know I put this in the wrong spot, but I can't delete it for some reason, so I apologize!! I'll repost it in the intro threads and see about getting this one removed
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    Hello and welcome to mernetwork!

    You should try a fabric tail before spending a lot on a silicone tail. Just saying

    And for new friend, you can sign me up :P gaming is quite my vibe

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    Welcomeeee! Just out of curiosity, which tailmaker are you thinking about going with for your silicone tail?
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    Welcome smolMerNerd! Iím down for gaming buddies! Which system?

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    Welcome! My grandparents used to live in neighboring Henry county!
    I'm down here in Greensboro where we have a wonderful facility for swimming in the Greensboro Aquatic Center!
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