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Thread: for fish eaters...

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    for fish eaters...

    ...and pet owners:

    while this concerns european markets and mainly the baltic sea, I'd wager the situation isn't much different elsewhere.

    Veggies, you aren't safe either if you happen to eat any processed food.

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    For people in Australia who wish to eat sustainable seafood, I highly recommend - or you can do it online too. Brought to you by the Australian Marine Conservation Society.
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    The Norwegian Seafood Counsel has something to say about this.

    Worth noting that the American Food and Drug Association has also declared the fish safe to eat. This reminds me of the health-food community that claims all inorganic food is bad and then turns around and sells "organic salt."

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    Interesting video! Nowadays, who knows where fishes get processed to as people just buy whatever that is available on the shelf. Thanks for sharing this!

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    Oh yeah! And talking about fish, would you eat fish with human teeth called Pacu fish???

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    Quote Originally Posted by scilover View Post
    Oh yeah! And talking about fish, would you eat fish with human teeth called Pacu fish???
    If the flesh is good, then yes. I would eat the Pacu with sliced ginger, mushrooms and shallots steamed in a wok.
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