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Thread: Removing possible oil stain on fabric tail

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    Removing possible oil stain on fabric tail

    So I thought I would be cool and climb up a boat ladder in my tail. I got black spots my dad says may be oil from the boat and might not come out. I sent it thru the washer as it is safe for this brand, and it didn't even fade. Am I screwed?

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    Most likely safe (for the fabric): pour pure dashing machine detergent on the stain, scrub it by hand.
    Not sure if its safe: Hand cleaner, like you use after working in a shop. Next, gasoline.
    Both those last two you will need to test on a tiny part of the tail to insure nothing bad happens.
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    Have you tried dawn dishwasher or cement stain remover or even nail polish remover?... But yeah wharever you use please do so very cautiously

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    Hand soap or wash degreaser. Preferably one with citrus (orange and lemons) in it. The acid in citrus is good at breaking down oil fats. Pretty sure it won't fade/stain fabrics as it is used on the skin. But to be sure, test a tiny area first.
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    Try using a de-greasing kitchen spray that has no harsh chemicals in it to get the stain out then wash straight away

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