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Thread: Zigzag and scallop fabric scissors

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    Zigzag and scallop fabric scissors

    Has anyone ever used zigzag/pinking or scallop fabric scissors to cut and design the fins edge of your tails??!!!... If yes, please share your stories and photos too pleeezz, I've just recently come to know about them and thought that they'd be justtt terrific

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    The only trick with using these kinds of scissors for fabric is the fraying issue.
    If you're using a fabric that doesn't fray (scuba knit, neoprene etc) then it won't be as much of an issue.
    If you were to use something like chiffon, silk, dance fabrics etc, they will fray something fierce.

    I would recommend you did a simple top stitch, as over time and usage, it will start to split along the low points of the line. Even with something like scuba knit.

    Does that make sense?

    A cheeky trick with silk however, is that you can seal the edges by gently burning it. It curls over itself beautifully and will seal in the fibres.
    Be super careful if you do this, and look up some tutorials first.

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    Thank you sooo much Mermaid Moomer... That's really informative and helpful

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