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Thread: I ordered my first tail

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    I ordered my first tail

    It's finally done I saved enough money to buy a mertailor mermaid tail! I got the fantasea three fin and the sea kelp tail. I'm in love with them I'll post swim pictures as soon as I get them. I cannot upload the pictures because pictures are too large.

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    Happy for you, Oona! That's what Instagram is for, let us know when it comes!
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    Yes please share pictures! Following for updates. Congratulations!!

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    Congratulations! It's an amazing feeling unboxing that first tail.

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    I’m excited for you, Oona! I would love to see what tail you got, and I hope you’re happy with it. If you decide to post your pics on Instagram, I’d love to know your Insta to check it out! Or, if you post pics here, I like to use these sites to reduce the image size or KB size. To reduce image size, I like this site: To reduce KB specifically, I like this site: And I use postimage to post the pic itself.

    EDIT: Never mind, I recently realized that people can't post pics on this site anymore. We post somewhere else and paste the link here.
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    Congratulations, Oona. It would be nice to see pictures!


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