Hi all, this is my first post, so let me know if I need to put it somewhere else.

I do a few festivals a year where I and my pirate assistant offer mermaid and pirate makeovers for kids. Mermaids get a little shell necklace and plastic mermaid face gems. Pirates get a temporary tattoo and an eye patch.

I am starting to really dislike this setup. The gems and tattoos have a peel off plastic backing. During windy days, little plastic backings can fly out of the garbage easily. And the plastic gems can fall off and land on the ground.

Does anymer have any ideas for how we can continue to offer the makeovers in an eco friendly and low cost way? My pirate and I were talking about getting an airbrush and using stencils. I don't know the first thing about airbrushing and don't know if it is eco friendly. I have biodegradable glitter, but don't know how to attach the loose glitter to make it stick and if that would work for kids.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and ideas!
Xoxo Jules

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