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Thread: Tail maker buyer beware. Freshwater Nim

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    Tail maker buyer beware. Freshwater Nim

    I've been following two threads for awhile and this one bothers me. My friend order a tail from Freshwater_Nim about 2 years ago now and got back nothing. For those wonder who she is, here two link:

    I asked my friend if she heard anything from Nim and it's been almost a year since she heard from here. Nim even stop paying for her website so I'm concern my friend is left high and dried. The last activity was a youtube video of a fin being sculpt but that was like in early December of 2017 (before I took my year break from mernetwork). Even the person that able to communicate with her ( ) hasn't been online either. There was a Mermaid Yuki keeping tabs asking if there was updates and gaved up on that after June of last year. If anyone knows how to get a hold of her to see if she can at least get my friend her money back (or half or something), I'll be happy. I just hate to see good people get scammed out of things. Currently everyone I know that order things from her hasn't got anything back at all
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    Sigh. I really wish such tailmakers would at least do the honourable thing and refund some amount, rather than disappearing outright.
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    In worst case you need to consult your lawyer to get your money back or the product you have paid for.

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    I remember this. It's sad since her tails are legitimately gorgeous. Wish things didn't turn out this way.

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    There were such high hopes for her. Can't believe she's done this.

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