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    Hello everybody! My name is Mermaid Catherine. I am from Northern MN, and am brand new to the world of mermaiding (don't even have a tail yet - just a monofin! Though I've been using it like crazy) But I am very excited to become a part of something so special. I created a rather halting and unprofessional video introducing myself and talking about what mermaiding means to me.
    Please don't laugh. I'm as new to youtube as I am to mermaiding.
    In case you'd rather not watch the video, well, the gist of it is I struggle with severe chronic depression, and pursuing mermaiding has helped me fight it in lots of different ways. So, to me, mermaiding represents hope, and the chance to be part of something.
    Anyway, I'm excited to meet everyone around the forum!

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    Hiya! I'm glad to meet you! I'm so happy that you've found joy with mermaid! I'm new to this community too. High five! I think? I feel like there's something with fins but 'fin five' makes no sense and I'm seriously not good enough with a tail to high fin.

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