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Thread: Greetings from Orlando Florida!

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    Greetings from Orlando Florida!

    Hello everyone!

    I tell you what, I bought one of those FinFun tails on sale just for fun. I kept it in a box for a year getting up the nerve to go and swim and now it's half of what I think about. It's hard to describe just how fun this it is to swim with a tail!

    Journey back with me for a moment. Wayyy back a few decades to adolescent me. I loved swimming. I've never been any sort of pro and I'm not even particularly speedy, but have always enjoyed the water. As a child I saw the Mermaid show at Weeki Wachee and found out Mermaid was a legitimate, adult occupation! That stuck with me and every now and then, out in the pool or ocean, I would quietly attempt to hold my breath under water as the free divers do, though never with any real skill or determination.

    Then that tail came up for sale online.

    It's wonderful! It's different. It's more fun than swimming with mere legs! And I am so excited to find this forum and everyone here who understand the call of the mer-swim!

    I've been watching online videos to find a more intermediate monofin and tail. There are so many options! And I'm hopeful to attend a meetup or two around my state. Sharing the joy of mer sounds just delightful.

    By the way, my username, dipnoan:
    for the curious, dipnoan is an archaic word meaning breathing with both gills and lungs, with 'di' meaning two or both and 'pnoe' meaning breathing. Or, to put it simply, a lungfish; which I believe is a fun description of a merperson.

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    Welcome to the Waters!

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    Welcome to the Mernetwork. Make sure to join the Florida Spring Mermaid group as there a lot of meetup. I’m actually going to one at Alexander Spring on Tuesday

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    Welcome to the forum & the world of merfolk! It sounds like you are hooked! You are in a good location for meeting other merfolk. As Slim said there are great spring meetups in Florida. Bring a jacket & blanket with you on your trip to the spring. They are freezing cold but so extremely beautiful it is far worth it.
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