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Thread: Hello, hello Mermaids and Mermen

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    Hello, hello Mermaids and Mermen

    I'm a new Europe Mermaid and I'm happy to share this message with you.

    I've red some interesting and helpful things on the forums so far, but also -I think- some outdated posts. I found the FAQ a bit funny, for example the multiple questions referring to "Alex" (tail making FAQ). Also, the disclaimer says that all the information I share here will be in Mernetworks ownership . That made me feel robbed before I even started.

    That being said, I am waiting for my monofin to arrive and I'm ready to dive into the ocean!

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    Welcome to the Mernetwork.

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    Welcome to the forum!
    Yes Alex Plus was used for tails once upon a time, but it is very dangerous. The information is kept on the forum to likely make sure anyone researching it sees that it is proven dangerous. Otherwise, they would see no mention of it and perhaps think it was okay to use. Someone made a tailmaking tutorial on DeviantArt once that mentioned using Alex for tails, and unfortunately that tutorial got circulated around so hopefully no one is using that information anymore!
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