Hello there! Iím Scout, also can be called Scoot. Iím from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Iím what Iíve labeled myself as an Ďaspiringí mermaid. Currently looking at the pros and cons of mermaiding and learning everything about it before I Ďdive iní I want to be as safe as possible, but I have grown up doing and perfecting my dolphin kick, its always been a dream of mine to be a mermaid! Iím hoping to purchase a lower end tail to start out with, something cheap to dip my fins in the water before I move into a fabric tail. Silicone tails will probably be way out of my price range for quite a while, but thats okay! Iíll squirrel away the money if I want to get serious about it

So questions for you dear reader! Are you from Indiana? What was your first experience as a mermaid? Any tips and resources for an aspiring mermaid?