Hey guys, remember me? I've been gone for a while. Life happened, things change, getting off of social media and offline in general was something I had to do for myself because it was sucking my soul and I have no regrets.

But I'm trying something new. Over the last year and a half or so, I've started drawing again (which I hadn't done much of since I was a kid) and it turns out I'm not terrible at it. A couple months ago I decided to try uploading a few of my drawings to Redbubble to see if anyone would bite. I've only gotten a couple of bites before, but it's hard for people to find your stuff on huge marketplaces like that unless you promote yourself and drive traffic to your work, so here I am. Check out my Redbubble store here: https://www.redbubble.com/people/SeaMonstress

I mostly draw random animals, but I've also made a scale pattern that I'm pretty happy with, so I have a bunch of different color variations that you can order on leggings and other clothing items and decor and stuff. Check it out and see what you think! I also finally sucked it up and made a new Instagram specifically for my art stuff: @seamonstress

I've taken up digital art in large part because in my current living situation I haven't had much space for creating large sculpts or silicone things. I'm hoping that will change in the future, but I can't promise that I'll be in a position to sell sea creatures or tops or anything again any time soon. HOWEVER, I have been looking into making my own website using Shopify so that I can have a more professional platform for selling art prints (and so I can optimize SEO and have a lot more flexibility). If I do that, it would still be mostly print-on-demand items, but I could offer a much wider variety. This would potentially include 3D-printed items through Shapeways, because lately I've been exploring 3D modeling and sculpting. You can see an example I just posted today on my Instagram page.

Building my own online store wouldn't be hard, but before I take the plunge I'd want to make sure I could at least justify the $30 monthly fee for the hosting and service. So I'm trying to feel out the interest. If enough people like my stuff that I can at least make back the 30 bucks per month, I'll go for it. And having that platform means that eventually, if and when I'm able to make silicone items for sale again, I can sell them directly through my own website instead of relying on stupid Etsy :P

Tl;dr buy some leggings if you like them. Or an art print. Or a mug. Or a t-shirt. And give me some feedback! Thanks everyone!