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Thread: Nose Clip Camouflage Idea

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    Nose Clip Camouflage Idea

    Hi there! So I was looking at myself in mirror with my nose clip in and laughed at the thought that a mermaid might use an oyster to clip there nose.

    And then I realized thatíd be a pretty cool camouflage. I have a tyrex nose clip, and itís pretty comfortable. Iím thinking of making a clay overlay of a Oyster or scallop shell, and putting it on either side. Though Iím not sure what clay would be able to move with the clip. I guess an alternative would be making a mold and running it in silicone.

    Iím hoping to do some tests soon to see if it would even look okay 😂 anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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    Some of uses Sinus Saver because itís cheap and nearly invisible in most pictures and videos.

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    that's a cool idea.
    might only work for close-ups, though, as having something on your nose makes people do a double-take at first until they maybe realize what it is exactly.
    if you simply want to camouflage, it might be better to just go with a transparent clip. Those are hardly visible at all when underwater.

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    Ah very true! I have been looking at the sinus savers, I just figured I might use the supplies I already had on hand to use!

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    Use fimo clay its brilliant stuff. I once made a little mirror with the clay of vampire teeth and big red lips round the mirror lol

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    Thats so creative!! I always want to know how to make nose clip invisible

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    I have a clear sinus saver that I decorated to look like an ornate nose ring.

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    Do you have pictures of that anywhere Mermaid Mechanic? That sounds really fun!
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    I don't have any pictures of it but its almost swimming season again so when I dig out my mermaid box, I'll take a picture. :>

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