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Thread: Mermaid Aquata's "Longfish" tail looks amazing!

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    Mermaid Aquata's "Longfish" tail looks amazing!

    Saw this video on Youtube:

    Looks like she makes her own unique tails with an extended tail ending in a dramatic fluke, creating a unique, extra-realistic aesthetic!

    The tails look amazing (and really difficult to swim in). Wow!

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    much prettier than the H2O tails. The transition from tailend to fluke is perfect.
    Pretty much everything the extended tail lovers are looking for, I imagine.

    And she rocks it too, not like the actors who have a really hard time just swimming forward.

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    Yeah she posts most often on her instagram ( and facebook ( - she's incredibly talented and I wish she'd sell her tails, I'd love a mermaid's tail like that.

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    They look absolutely crazy! Iím so curious about how they work and what itís like swimming in them. The motion they make while swimming looks so cool

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    I've always been in love with her tails! The length and way it flows reminds me of a koi fish, oddly enough. I've always wanted a tail like that! I hope in the future of tailmaking, we'll have more options for long tails!

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    I personally prefer crowcaw fx's longfish tails , these feel like they're too thin at the end for my liking

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    Quote Originally Posted by danger369 View Post
    I personally prefer crowcaw fx's longfish tails , these feel like they're too thin at the end for my liking
    Could you post a link to the website and/or images of the longfish tails you're talking about?

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    I know it's a bit delayed, but the Crowcaw tail can be seen at the following link and it also looks like they're trying to sell it at around $2000 but are also entertaining offers.


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