Hi! I've been lurking on the site for sometime, but I dont know that I've ever posted. So here we go!

I've been swimming with monofins for around 10 years, I started with a rapid and now have a Nemo-wave medium stiffness fin. I LOVE it, but of course its HUGE and not going to fit in any commercial tail skin. I've never swam with a tail skin, and I really want to!

I'm leaning towards the DoZo ( https://www.freediverworld.com/produ...e-colour=black ) seeing as I'm accustomed to a decent amount of propulsion.

I'm pretty sure I could use it with a FinFolk tail skin, but I've heard the flukes on those tend to fill with water and cause a lot of drag.

Has anyone paired a Mertailor Whimsy 3 tail-skin with a stiff blade? I LOVE the look and flop of the Whimsy 3 silicone monofin, but I'm afraid I'll hate the lack of propulsion. If I were to attempt this I'm sure I'd have to make a liner for the fluke to go around the fin. Has anyone attempted it?