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    Carl the Cod

    Hi! Iím going to become Carl the Cod, and Iím aiming to get my first merman tail (Finfun Celtic Green) and adopt this mersona. Iím 15 and I find it hard to share my passion for fish people, but you guys and gals are safe. I love video games (primarily Super Smash Bros and itís related franchises) and tabletop games (like Magic and D&D, aiming to build a Sygg, River Guide mer deck soon) and Iím kinda an introverted autistic geek, though Iím a friend to the end. I donít do much art, but I wish to learn the ropes from you, and I really want to draw my aquatic self someday. I really truly find it hard to share my passion, but what might help is if I amaze some kids with my tail. I also need to work on holding my breath and swimming without goggles, but Iím dedicated to learn, and I have a big lung capacity anyways. I live in Tucson, AZ.

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    As a person whoís also autistic, I want to first say welcome and hope you have a wonderful journey as a merman. Iíve only done dnd once and had a fun experience. If I had more money Iíd finally invest in making a tree folk deck for mtg :3

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    Welcome to the pod Carl the cod. I only started mermaiding this year after sitting on the idea for about a year before making the decision as it is an expensive hobby and/or buisness. I first started with lessons to get me into mermaiding, these were a fun lesson to which I was the only person doing them lol. I'm now looking at doing my first freediving course that incorporates a mermaid course with freediving to get my intermediate qualification in freediving that also trains you on breath holding etc. These are exciting times and I wish you the best of luck in your journey. It's an exciting one.

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    Welcome! This place is pretty great.

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    Welcome! I'm a tabletop gamer as well, and I would love to be more into video games but currently mer life and collecting are taking up most of the funds that would go to that. I hope that you find much joy and good friends here, and in the water!

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    Also a tabletop gamer and larper here! Welcome, Carl the Cod!

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    I'm also autistic and new here! It's nice to meet you and I hope we both have a great time


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