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Thread: Workshops and MerCons

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    Workshops and MerCons

    Please look down below thank you
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    MerCons and Workshops

    Hello all! I need some help with gathering info. I would like any sort of list on different Mermaid Conventions in the US. I would also like to know if there’s any workshops around the US so that I could possibly travel to one for a weekend. The only problem is that I am 16, almost 17, but I’m already training as much as I can to be a professional mermaid. I have my advanced scuba dive certification, and I have my free dive certification. I also go to the pool a lot with my only fabric tail (Swimtails), but most people in my state won’t teach me due to being younger than 18. Any help would be appreciated thank you!

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    I merged your duplicate threads and moved them to the correct section. Please be sure you're posting in the right place, and don't post the same thing twice. Incidentally, you're now in the section for all the conventions and you'll find them in this sub forum!

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