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Thread: Mermaid dreams!? Have you had one? Care to share?

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    Mermaid dreams!? Have you had one? Care to share?

    Not sure if there is already a thread for this, a cursory look around did not reveal one. If not, I'll start it off with my dream!

    So I had my first mermaid dream last night, and it was pretty cool.

    I was with a bunch of other mermaids and it was kind of performance art meets amusement park ride meets walkthrough zombie attraction? We got to swim through one of those looping Rivers like water parks have, and in the course of the attraction, there were some gates set up like cages that you had to swim through, and near that area they had actors who were like shark people or deep ones or something, and you had to escape them. They weren't allowed to actually hurt you or anything, but they could move around with their feet and you only had your tail, so they were more mobile in the shallows. Also they could get over the cages because they had solid roofs and we had to move through them. One of the other mermaids got out of breath and so she held on to my tail and I swam us both through. Felt like a badass it was pretty cool. Also we won the race that apparently this was.

    And that was my first mermaiding dream. It was not clear whether we were real mermaids or regular people with monofins and tailskins, I think it actually switched a few times. But that's a dream for ya.

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    I had an H2O-themed dream a few weeks ago. I was Cleo and talking with the other two about how to dress up a mermaid tail (fashion-wise). I suggested traditional seaweed dresses, and the other two gave me those looks they're so good at giving Cleo in the show. Lol!

    We were hanging out on the rocks in the bay, and in the distance someone was setting up a soundstage for a concert. The dream ended with me sorta shrugging and saying goodbye to the other two and jumping into the water for a swim.

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    Dreams are so fun!
    My first mermaid dream (that I remember at least) was this really cool meetup/swim I went to. It was outdoors in a clear blue lake. I got to meet Raina Mermaid, Merman Blix, and I think maybe Merman Jax. I'm pretty sure there were other well known mers there, I just don't remember who all was there. I just remember being so excited to meet everyone! I also remember how unreal it was to be underwater and look over and see several merfolk swimming along. I've only ever swam with one other merfolk in the water with me, so a pod setting has always been something alluring to me.
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    Often. I’ve had several mermaid dreams! You can check out my profile, if you would like, to take a glimpse on what dreams I’ve had. Most, if not all, of my dreams have some water element present. Water and I are like glue in the dream world. Actually, my dreams have led me to signing up on this site.

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    These dreams are great, everyone. Very neat stuff!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CurrentTheMerboy View Post
    [...]Bizarrely, I had a dream that the violinist Lindsey Sterling (I told you it was weird) was in some kind of music video, where she's playing some song while running on the surface of crashing ocean waves. Then she fell under a large wave, and lo and behold, when sinking below the water, she realizes she's a mermaid. [...]
    Actually, she indeed *did* a mer-themed video. They build a stage in a large fountain just below the surface, so it appeared that she danced on water. The dancers were some mer-ish styled, though she herself was more like pirate attire.

    The song is called "Master of Tides":

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    I always dreamed of impressing kids with my cool mermaid job during a school career day. And I still dream of doing that! When I was younger, career day was the best because you would get people with really cool jobs coming in! We got food from chefs, watched police dogs work and even climbed in a helicopter! I hope someday I can get a school to let me pitch my mermaid job to some awe-aspiring future mers!

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    A few times yes My favorite was meeting this cool alien species who lived in the water and me and a hot alien guy decided to get married so I turned into a mermaid to be with him lol

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    Oooooo I’d watch that movie for sure!! If only I was good at writing screen plays lol

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    I had a blast last night in my dream! I didn’t quite have a mermaid tail this time, but I was wearing a monofin. I met up with an instructor in a pool, along with other people, and I wanted to learn how to swim like a mermaid. The water was cool but not cold enough to make me shiver, and I swam around people standing in the pool. Once again, just like another pool dream I had, I really enjoyed swimming to such depths that my stomach almost scraped against the pool floor. I loved looking at the heights of the surface and the light shining through the waves. My hair was longer than in real life (I have waist-length hair in real life), and I swayed my floating mane side to side. I was supposed to be a beginner swimmer, but I found that I could hold my breath for around five minutes. No water went up my nose, and I didn’t have to pinch my nose. I eventually was able to sort of breathe in the water, although I wasn’t actually breathing in water. I don’t know how to explain it. I sort of inhaled shallowly in my chest and gut, but when I came up to the surface I took actual deep breaths. Eventually, I could talk and laugh while submerged in water. Fun, vivid dream!

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    I had another mermaid dream last night. Since I usually have dreams where my tail is silver, I’m making a silver tail for myself in real life. Other dream tail colors I’ve worn are silver with black speckles, tropical orange, light pink, silvery blue, and brownish/skin-colored like the mermaids in H2O: Just Add Water. Silver is often my preferred tail color in the dreamscape.

    In this dream, I was hanging out at an outdoor pool area that was part of some ancient ruins. The pool water led to some sealed-shut multiple stone doorways in a stone building that stretched far back with decorative carvings around the side-by-side stone doors. A bunch of people were with me, eager to swim in this unique pool. We were all human. We skinny-dipped.

    Once we dove into the water, I immediately headed toward the deep end. As I swam, someone stuck their finger up my butt. Alarmed, I whirled around and recognized that person as a guy from my middle school who taunted me because I was uncool but also found me attractive. (Middle school boys behave weird. I did not like this idiot.) I stuck my finger up his butt as an eye-for-an-eye gesture then swam away and avoided him for the rest of the time.

    At the deep end, I enjoyed practically crawling on the floor and looking up at the surface up high. One girl showed concern that I was holding my breath for so long before rising to the surface to get air, but I told her that I had been practicing holding my breath for a long time. I even spoke some words underwater as well as did a little bit of sign language. I sat on the floor of the deep end with my back against the wall and marveled at how blue the water made people’s skin. I felt as if I had journeyed to the underworld, and we were its inhabitants.

    Sometime during this swim, those of us at the deep end had sprouted silver tails. The people at the shallow end or watching on land kept their legs. Now that some of us became Merfolk, the humans began acting hostile toward us. They plunged iron traps with spikes in the water to harm us. It was all that middle school boy’s idea, really. Panicked, everyone with tails managed to open the stone doors to the ancient building, where dark waters awaited them. They sought their escape through there, believing they could find an exit through that place.

    One little mermaid told me not to follow the others because she said the Merfolk would die in there. The place was boobytrapped, and they would also die from lack of oxygen. I listened to her and stayed behind in the pool. I held her at the surface and pressed myself against the very edge where the spiked devices didn’t reach. With a cold but pained and confused stare at the humans across from me, I shouted, “How dare you savage humans do this to us?!” Then the dream ended.

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