Not sure if there is already a thread for this, a cursory look around did not reveal one. If not, I'll start it off with my dream!

So I had my first mermaid dream last night, and it was pretty cool.

I was with a bunch of other mermaids and it was kind of performance art meets amusement park ride meets walkthrough zombie attraction? We got to swim through one of those looping Rivers like water parks have, and in the course of the attraction, there were some gates set up like cages that you had to swim through, and near that area they had actors who were like shark people or deep ones or something, and you had to escape them. They weren't allowed to actually hurt you or anything, but they could move around with their feet and you only had your tail, so they were more mobile in the shallows. Also they could get over the cages because they had solid roofs and we had to move through them. One of the other mermaids got out of breath and so she held on to my tail and I swam us both through. Felt like a badass it was pretty cool. Also we won the race that apparently this was.

And that was my first mermaiding dream. It was not clear whether we were real mermaids or regular people with monofins and tailskins, I think it actually switched a few times. But that's a dream for ya.