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    Another newbie

    Hi hi! I'm Katy. I'm new to the forum but I've been mermaiding recreationally now for a couple years! I have 2 swimtails (an original with the Aquarius fin and a protail with the mahina) and just got a mertailor guppy tail yesterday with my eye on a whimsy tail SOON. I live in Hawaii so I get to swim year round. I'm 37. I'm considering starting a YouTube channel super low key but should probably come up with a mermaid name first. I go by Kakers for other things but I'm not sure if I want to stick with that for mermaiding or not.
    Oh and also I play the sims and LOVE THE ISLAND LIVING EXPANSION PACK! Cause it lets my self sim live on an island and have a tail in the water like my real life LOL.

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    Hi! I'm new to both mermaiding and the forum. I'm actually planning to start with a mertailor guppy, so hopefully it works well for both of us. The whimsy tails are super pretty though

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    Welcome chickasa! I would love to go to Hawaii someday. I'm a sucker for all things tropical.
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    Hey! I'm 21 and i'm new to mermaiding! I live in Montreal and i'm looking for some people in the area!

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