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Thread: Hello again, Its been a while ~

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    Red face Hello again, Its been a while ~

    Hey everyone,

    I joined here back in 2012 under a different account name (twas my mothers account) and then in 2014 I created this account. Back in the day I made 3 fabric mermaid tails that I swum in until they fell apart (literally) and I made a friends with a girl who taught me how to blow dolphin rings. I've lurked around here for a couple of years and since then, hadn't really thought about mermaiding overly much aside from drooling at what Finfolk, Mernation, or Merbellas have made in recent years.

    I realized however, that I now have a stable full-time job, which means I can finally afford to save for my dream tail. Also last summer the family installed a pool in the back yard so I would have no excuses not to use it . The plan is to purchase a Fin Fun fabric tail to help me build up the core strength I need for a silicone tail, and save for it in the mean time. I have some designs in mind and I'd love to purchase a Beauty and Brine tail or a Mernation tail, If anyone has some suggestions as to other tail makers I'd love to hear.

    I'm also into Cosplay, Larp, and Video games so if you also have those interests I'd love to get in touch.
    I'm based in New Zealand so if there are local mer's out there don't be shy to message me, Looking forward to "Diving" into this new adventure with you guys.

    Caitlin (I don't have a mermaid name so if you could help me think of one that would be awesome)

    : I haven't seen this in years, this is wonderful!

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    Welcome back

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