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Thread: Hello it's been awhile, I'm ready to come back!

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    Hello it's been awhile, I'm ready to come back!

    Hi there!

    I'm not really new on this site nor the community, but I do feel it's the right time to come back. My name is Daniel Caraballo but the people who know me would know me as Angel: The Little Merman at the time. This was back in 2012 when the now ill-faded MerPalooza had happened and that helped me start finding my merman side and I had done a few little events in my area at the time, however adult life and it's issues had took a toll at the time for me and during my rough patch I've been leaning towards cosplay at the time and I still do every now and then, but I'm now pretty much having my own life and now with that being said lately I've been teasing about me bringing Angel back but this time in a more refine approach than last time, even getting rid of the 'Little Merman" term since the more I think about it that has been overuse a lot BUT it is highly understandable on why. My alter ego's name is just now "Merman Angel" I did launch a Instagram account (which needs to be update) but it's really me sharing my journey, now I did took a two and a half month break because I was in the middle of a personal transition. I could say now I do feel it's time for the go back doing one of the things I love doing and properly meet new people with the same interest and share my new journey with you guys!

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    Welcome back

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