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Thread: Gripmore tails

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    Gripmore tails

    I've been watching them closely and would like to get a tail from them after I've seen more or their tails.

    Does anyone have one yet? Thoughts?

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    Mermaid Zari does!

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    Ooo nice! I wonder how well those sequin things stay on?
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    Literally just came across this same tail maker.. I need more info!

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    Yeah I love their scales! They’re so realistic

    ^_^ happy swimming

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    I asked them what the scales were made out of, they are Polyurethane
    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Jaffa View Post
    Ooo nice! I wonder how well those sequin things stay on?
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    Im very interested to see what they come out with. Looking to see what kind of flukes they produce.

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