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    I wanna know.

    What is your Mersona?

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    My mersona is named Calisai (CAL-ih-sigh), a deep sea mermaid who has currently adapted to being a freshwater mermaid because of the area I’m in. I have a silver tail (will make one eventually). I like to find shiny, sparkly trinkets and treasures and horde them in my hideaway cave. I’m a bit of a solo mermaid, not really part of a pod. I’m shy and like to hide from people. They might see a flash of silver or my face peeping out and say, “Who is that mysterious mermaid?”
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    Nice to meet you Calisai. I do hope that one day you get that silver tail. May you find gadgets and gizmos a-plenty.

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    Makes sense Tattooed mermaid

    Quote Originally Posted by the.tattooed.mermaid78 View Post
    I'm the tattooed mermaid cos I have loads of tattoos and still going lol

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    Thank you, Galaxia! I have a lazy sketch of my tail design, and I have an idea in my mind on how I want it in color (flesh-toned in certain parts and black speckles on the silver scales). I’ll start posting in a tail-making thread once I begin crafting a monofin out of Lexan polycarbonate and swimming with the monofin to see how I like it. I want to make a fabric and sequin tail. I’ll wait until the holidays are over before I buy materials because right now work is hectic, and buying gifts for people for Christmas is top priority. Once the weather warms again, hopefully the tail will be finished.


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