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Thread: The ‘No Poo’ Method

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    Quote Originally Posted by MermaidLiara View Post
    Oooh fun Mernetwork has a no poo thread now I alternate between no poo en low poo, I started over 7 years ago lol. Would never go back. My hair goes past my hips, it's lush and wavy, and very, very thick and shiny. I get compliments by strangers all the time. People who are considering trying this or are in the middle of transitioning, go for it! It is WORTH IT! Eventually, that oily scalp will go away as long as you don't give up. Usually, it takes 6 to 8 weeks. Oh, and I do NOT recommend dry shampoo.
    Hi Liara! You wouldn’t believe how excited I am to see your post! I would love to get hair like yours. It sounds magnificent. How long do you do “no poo” and “low poo” before you alternate between the two? Do you have to clean your brush/comb often?

    Also, I don’t own dry shampoo and never used it before, as I've never really toyed with many products. I rarely use heat products to style my hair, and I haven’t had a curler or straightener for a year because they both broke. I use my hair dryer for emergencies, usually letting my hair air-dry, and my hair dryer is also falling apart. Whenever I use my hair dryer, I would dry the scalp and leave the ends damp and then pull my hair up to hide the dampness.
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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone! I finally washed my hair with three whole eggs again today but over the tub. My hair was fluffy and clean (and a little dry and frizzy) after I got rid of the egg remnants stuck to my strands. I think it’s the white part of the egg that clings to my hair and scalp. Maybe next time I’ll just use egg yolk, which is the acidic, moisturizing part of the egg. I should try pouring flat beer over my hair for shine because my mom said my hair looked dull after my egg wash. I ran argan oil through my strands to help shine things up. Also, no dandruff!
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    After I learned hair has a ph value of 5 (slightly acidic) I do diluted apple cider vinegar rinses once a month and have been looooving the results! I have hard water at my house (ph of 8+) so I think the apple cider vinegar helps get rid of build up and restores my scalps ph balance. I’m loving this thread by the way! Please keep us updated! I’ve always wanted to go no poo.

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    Hi, Hopeful! What results happen to your hair when you use a diluted ACV rinse? Does your hair look shinier and feel silkier? I had recently figured out that hair is a bit acidic because the oilier (more acidic) my hair gets, it helps with my dandruff. Washing with just water has me picking out white flakes from my scalp. I think I’ll try diluted ACV, too! I’ll fill up my bathtub with water, pour some ACV in there, and then mermaid-wash. Maybe the stuff that gets between my comb’s teeth is build-up.

    And thank you! I’ll be sure to keep updating! I didn’t take a ‘before’ picture, but my avatar picture could work as a ‘before’. I’ll be sure to post an ‘after’ some time! I tried experimenting with ‘No Poo’ out of boredom. I wanted to try something new, save money, and feel more like a mermaid. I’m surprised that I stuck it out this long because whenever I start projects I have a hard time finishing. I’m very good at starting things, haha.
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    Yes it helps detangle my hair and makes it softer and shinier! It’s the only thing I’ve tried that gave my hair immediate improvement I recommend putting 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 2 cups of water to start out with. After I wash my hair, I soak my ends in it and then dump the rest on my head and let it saturate for 10 minutes then rinse it out. If you have hard water, it is best if you can rinse with filtered water or get a filter shower head. Also, I recommend Bragg’s brand for the apple cider vinegar, it’s organic, clean, and has lots of natural nutrients in it. The floaty stuff on the bottom is especially nutritious. I hope it will help your hair like it’s helped mine!

    Ang giiirl, I’m the same way! Lol It’s always the most fun to start things, but finishing things is a bit harder. I can’t wait to see your hair! I’ve always been intimidated by no pooing because I don’t want my hair to get greasy, but your thread has encouraged me a lot. I’ve been heading in that direction already, so I think I finally have the confidence to actually try it! It’s been really encouraging to read what really happens to your hair during the process so I can be prepared and already have tools to combat grease So thank you!

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    Ok so I’ve gone 1 week without shampoo. My first wash I used conditioner instead and it seemed to take away 2/3 of the grease. Next time I tried submerging my hair and using ACV, and it didn’t seem to remove any grease. So next I’m going to try the egg yolks

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    I’m at the end of the 8th week! Last night I soaked in a bath and mermaid-washed. I don’t have ACV yet, but I had lemon slices. I put seven lemon slices in the tub as it was filling with water, and then I left to go brush my hair. When I came back, the hot water had run out, so I had to soak in a lukewarm-cool tub, lol. I didn’t squeeze the lemon to get more juice in the water. I left the lemons alone as they floated around. When I submerged my hair, it felt wonderful and soft in the water. No waxy feeling at all. However, the longer I had my head in the water, my hair began to feel waxy all over. I noticed that my hair felt heavier in the water, and as it later air-dried (without brushing) for the night, it still felt weighty. I don’t know if the heavy hair is due to build-up or growing hair or thicker hair or what. This morning I brushed my hair, and it felt and looked like I had hairspray in my hair. It was tougher to brush because of the hairspray feel, but my hair looked fabulous and voluminous like it was styled. I also noticed that, although I had dandruff flakes in my scalp, I had less dandruff than when I last mermaid-washed. I think the lemons slightly helped. Every time I mermaid-wash, my hair feels waxy for about a day, but then it becomes softer, shinier, and more manageable as my scalp oils up again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hopeful View Post
    Ok so I’ve gone 1 week without shampoo. My first wash I used conditioner instead and it seemed to take away 2/3 of the grease. Next time I tried submerging my hair and using ACV, and it didn’t seem to remove any grease. So next I’m going to try the egg yolks
    Congratulations for your first week! No-Poo is difficult to deal with for the first few weeks, but it’s improved for me since then. Eggs definitely poofed my hair up. I haven’t tried only using the egg yolk part to wash with yet, so if you try it please let me know how it goes for you! Using whole eggs had the egg white part clinging to my strands, and I had to manually search and pick/brush them out. For the first two weeks I brushed my hair upside down to get fake volume to help hide how awful my hair looked, haha.

    If No-Poo is too difficult to deal with, there’s also Low-Poo, too, like shampoo bars made by people on Etsy made with natural ingredients that are good for your hair. I’m excited for you for trying this!

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    Ok so I washed with two egg yokes last night in the shower and it removed my head grease! I wet my hair, dumped the egg yolks on my head and scrubbed my scalp very thoroughly (but very gently, don’t want to irritate my scalp). Then I rinsed a little, scrubbed, rinsed a little, scrubbed and then completely rinsed. Then I used conditioner from my neck down. After 5 minutes I rinsed it out and again scrubbed my scalp. Total I scrubbed my scalp for probably 5 minutes, but I read that day to remove dirt, grease and buildup, that it was necessary to really take your time gently washing your scalp. When I rinsed my egg yolk container, I noticed it bubbled up a lot which was cool. Then I went to bed with damp hair and when I woke up, NO GREASE. Just happy hair! But I figure it might be egg-spensive to use two yolks every time so I’m going to buy a goat milk soap bar and try that too.

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    Hopeful, I know, right?! Eggs worked awesome on me, too. Like, poof! I’ve been only using three eggs once a month, though. I hope the soap bar works awesome, too!

    Nearing the end of the 9th week. Haven’t washed my hair yet and don’t need to wash quite yet. I’m going to have to clean my comb again. “No Poo” is a head scratcher. Still trying to figure out if I need to change something that I’m doing, or if the gray stuff collecting on my comb will eventually go away. I think I’m a bit scared to go super elaborate in my hair care. I’m just a simple mermaid.

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    I’m wondering if the sulphur in the eggs helps with the cleansing, like how they use sulfates in shampoos? And I’ve got to say, I am loving my hair no-poo!! So much softer and shined and less frizzy and dry and hay like.

    Also, I was thinking do you wash your hair usually in the tub or in the shower? I think maybe if you are washing your hair in the tub, the dead skins cells that shed in the water from the rest of you might be sticking to your scalp? Because after I washed my hair in the tub, it didn’t feel very clean, but when I wash my hair in the shower, it feels much cleaner and less greasy.

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    Yes! Sulphur, protein, and biotin are super beneficial to hair. The eggs are real good at lifting away dirt and grease and have been used for hundreds of years to improve and strengthen hair. Also, lots of vitamins and minerals and fat. Wow, it seems like your hair transition is happening quickly! You start looking like a hair model.

    When I first started No Poo, I washed my hair in the shower with just plain water, but my hair was extremely fragile and waxy/sticky. I struggled to get my fingers to my scalp because of the stickiness, breakability, and the hair being weighed down by water. I felt as if I wasn’t able to clean my scalp very well. When my hair dried, it was still disgusting, so I decided to try dunking my hair in tub water to scritch more easily. I had an easier time reaching my scalp with the long hair strands floating out of the way. My hair was still sticky, so I still broke off some hair despite trying to be careful, but it wasn’t as bad as in the shower. When my hair dried, I felt as if I had cleaned it more successfully. Since then, I kept mermaid-washing for the convenience, even as the waxiness/stickiness went away, and I no longer broke off hair. However, you’re right, dead skin cells probably clung to my hair and scalp. My hair felt heavy last week from likely buildup.

    Last night I came home very late, and my hair was dying for a wash. I wasn’t able to hop in the bath because of the time, my tiredness, and the fact that the tub was in my parents’ bathroom. In my own bathroom, I only have a shower. The parents were fast asleep, so I didn’t want to disturb them. Since I don’t have any shampoo or conditioner at this time (I used them up before starting No Poo and haven’t bought any more since then), I kind of cheated a bit and used some Dawn dish soap to wash my hair in the shower. We have the blue Platinum version of Dawn. I say “cheated” because Dawn contains sodium laureth sulphate and other unnatural ingredients when I would prefer using natural cleaning agents. I went to bed with a loose wet braid and let it dry overnight. The dish soap worked amazingly to get rid of buildup, so my hair felt squeaky clean and lightweight. My hair is ridiculously shiny, feels soft, clean and voluminous! I would only use Dawn as an uncommon buildup remover and reseter, though, because I read that it’s harsh on the hair if used too often and strips away beneficial hair oil.

    10th week, dun dun dun. I’m going to add some Morrocan argan oil to my ends before I leave for work.
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    Ooo you’re making me want to try dawn soap! Lol

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    Lol, I haven’t washed my hair in 12 days. I wonder if I can make it stretch to two whole weeks? My hair definitely wouldn’t have been able to survive this long in the past. I know it sounds gross, but my hair still looks good. It’s shiny and straighter than usual. (I have 2A hair. It’s looking more 1C-ish now.) I barely have any dandruff, either. I haven’t noticed any smell, but that’s probably because it’s cold outside these days. I don’t plan on surpassing two weeks and, if necessary, I’ll shorten the time between washes.

    Nearing the end of 11 weeks of going ‘No Poo’! This experiment is becoming a breeze. Super low maintenance. I’ll let you all know if my hair survives two more days. I’ll wash on Sunday night. I’ll probably use Dawn soap again in the shower because it’s less work, and I’m super busy.

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    Woohoo!! I’m glad it’s working so well for you!! I also want to thank you for inspiring me to do it myself because I’m loving it too My hair isn’t getting greasy as fast and it feels better. I’ve now been shampoo free for 3 weeks�� I’m also still so amazed at how well egg yolk gets rid of grease in my hair.

    Also, interesting thing I found out this weekend: Wearing your hair in a ponytail tightly with an elastic damages your hair by your neck. I’ve been hating the feel of my hair that grows around my neck area; it’s brittle, split-endy and dry. Turned out it’s because that’s what hair ties do to hair. So I bought some scrunchies because they are supposed to be more gentle

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    Sorry, I slacked off on my updates a little! I’ve been using Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash for my hair lately. It cleans my scalp just fine, and I’ve been washing around every 9 or 10 days. I notice that I shed less hair in the shower than if I used regular shampoo. When I step out of the shower, I notice a lot of dandruff flakes in my wet hair, but once my hair dries the dandruff goes away. And as always, I baby my ends with argan oil.

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