Happy to announce that my online workshop "An Introduction to Working with Kids as a Mer" is live on Patreon for folks at the 20$ tier or higher. At this tier you also get all 3 digital copies of my books along with other perks as well. Topics include before you start, why mermaids and kids, developmental science as it relates, risk management, behavioural guidance, programming and more!

Patreon is a platform that allows you to pledge a dollar amount of your choosing per month in exchange for rewards. You can choose to pay the $20 one time, and then cancel or change your membership at ANY time without penalty. All tiers also include program planning materials and printable resources for running a mer-biz

You can sign up at www.patreon.com/rainamermaid

Not sure you want to invest the money? Check out my FREE online course on Mermaid Safety to get an idea of how my resources work. https://www.mermaidraina.com/blog-tu...mermaid-safety