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Thread: I知 going to make a neoprene tail, my first!

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    Thank you!! I am not sure yet, but I will let you know when I get to test it out�� I think it will have some propulsion, but not as much as a stiff fin.

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    So you know when you sit and the back of your tail pooches outwards, letting the world see your bum? So I tried fixing it last night but it only made my tail tighter with still the same amount of pooch. So I cut the pooch out and then sewed it back together and oddly enough, it worked! Fits like a glove now. Then I covered the seam with a fin lol Here be the pics.
    Also, I finished the body of my taaaail! Now I just need to add some ankle fins and then connect the body to the fluke and then decorate

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    Do not worry, I am still working on my tail! It痴 just taking forever because I知 sewing it all by hand since I don稚 trust my sewing machine. Tomorrow I値l try to finish sewing up the fluke and then the next step will be painting!

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    Ok so it’s taking longer than I anticipated. I want it to be very streamline and realized I made the ankle/calf area too tight, so I had to go back and cut a slit and glue and sew neoprene back into it to make more space to hide my ankle bumps. I also had to reconfigure my monofin to lay more flat. Anywho, I’m going to wait another day for the glue to cure and then try it on. Hope it fits right!

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    what a nice project! loving your design, and great work so far!
    just a random Kelpie... "wanna come to my lake?"

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    Tank you very much!����


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