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Thread: I知 going to make a neoprene tail, my first!

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    I'm also working on a neoprene tail but sewing scale sequins on it. I found a seller on ebay for the neoprene located in Los Angles but I'm buying 10 yards so I can eventually make a second sequin tail. my sequins are from a company from
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    Oh that sounds beautiful mermaid Clara!! I hope you post a pic when you are done so I can see it��

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    Ok, so long story short, I finally figured out a way to make a neoprene tail with just two yards so it’s not too expensive�� my neoprene should get here in about a month I think�� It’s going to be poly nylon embossed blue on both sides. My goodness, there are a zillion neoprene buying options. Straight up rubber neoprene, or mixed? Embossed on one side or both sides? Or no sides? In a sheet or by yard or by foot? .5mm to 6mm? It’s amazing how expensive it is. Thankfully I’ll be able to get the neoprene I need for $70 instead of $200+. I’ll explain also how I can make a seven foot long tail out of 2 yards once I get it and can take pics of it��

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    Its doable if you mix in some spandex.
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    I’m actually going to make my tail with just neoprene, when I get my neoprene I’ll take picture so I can explain it well and it’s coming in 5ish days, so it won’t be long! I also got my mats today that I’m going to make my mono fin out of, I’ll post pics below. The larger one cost $13 at Walmart and is going to be the main part. The smaller mat I’m going to use to create a pocket for my feet and then glue them together.

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    Also the rabbity stuff on the larger mat I don’t think I can pull out, so I’ll probably seal it with something so it doesn’t create drag. But who knows, maybe I’ll just file away at it lol

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    Ok so I was cutting the raggity stuff off the mat last night and accidentally made a little hole. No big, I thought. Well then the whole thing started kind of crumbling apart. So DO NOT BUY THIS MAT. Instead I’m getting a polycarbonate chair mat. More expensive, but will do the trick nicely. I’ll update when it comes in�� I’ll be getting the 1/8 inch thickness.


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