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Thread: I知 going to make a neoprene tail, my first!

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    Thank you!! I am not sure yet, but I will let you know when I get to test it out�� I think it will have some propulsion, but not as much as a stiff fin.

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    So you know when you sit and the back of your tail pooches outwards, letting the world see your bum? So I tried fixing it last night but it only made my tail tighter with still the same amount of pooch. So I cut the pooch out and then sewed it back together and oddly enough, it worked! Fits like a glove now. Then I covered the seam with a fin lol Here be the pics.
    Also, I finished the body of my taaaail! Now I just need to add some ankle fins and then connect the body to the fluke and then decorate

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    Do not worry, I am still working on my tail! It痴 just taking forever because I知 sewing it all by hand since I don稚 trust my sewing machine. Tomorrow I値l try to finish sewing up the fluke and then the next step will be painting!


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