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Thread: Starter Silicone Tails?

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    Starter Silicone Tails?

    Hiya guys! I've been a mermaid for a long time, and I'm currently 14. However, this means that I don't have easy access to money. I am planning to apply for a work permit soon, and want to save up for a silicone tail. I'm not sure which tailmaker would be best to go with, and have a price around $1,500 US. If anyone has any recommendations, I would appreciate that!

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    The Mertailor Spellbound is $1350. I have one, and like it.
    Be aware that, given your age, you will quickly grow out of a silicone tail. The tail is sized so there is only about 10% stretch when you put it on. If you grow just another 5%, like a measurement going from 20 inches to 21 inches, it will become quite difficult to get on, and perhaps even painful to wear.
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    Dude! That is an awesome photo! It makes me want to do a proper underwater mermaid photoshoot.

    Anyways...I'm curious why you want a silicone tail Mermaid Coralina?

    • What type of tails/monofins have you been swimming in so far?
    • Is there a reason why you aren't interested in a neoprene or thicker fabric tail such as the ones offered by Mertailor and Finfolk?

    Sorry to bombard you with questions I'm just trying to get some more info.

    I think Mernation might have silicone tails priced around that range.

    Mertailor sells monofins made of silicone that you could buy to get a little closer to having a silicone tail.

    In the merfolk community we usually don't encourage people your age to get a silicone tail. I know they are super fancy, realistic, and unique but you won't get to enjoy the tail for long since you are still growing and will likely grow out of it. We don't say this to sound like nagging adults, it is just an unfortunate fact of silicone tails. You have to stay generally the same size/height to get the most out of that super expensive tail.
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    I make Basic silicone tails starting at $600 and full silicone tails starting at $1500. madebyamer on etsy or for more info. I would love to make your dream tail.


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