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Thread: no more fabric tails

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    Exclamation no more fabric tails

    Yesterday we bought new re-useble water bottles for me and my partner as a new start for a lot of things as we had an attic fire (started at our neighbor's house) last Friday. So all of our outfits, shoes, wigs and props that were stored there are gone. My silicone tails, normal clothes and lolita outfit and most of my craft/sewing stuff survived the fire, but are wet or/and smelling of smoke.

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    terrible! So sorry. I hope nobody was hurt.

    Fires have become a bigger hazard than ever since those silly EU laws were passed which demand to turn your house into a giant fire accelerant.
    Like, if you have your house refurbished according to law, you have around 5 minutes to leave in case of a fire.
    Any longer than that, and you won't be able to as all the walls will be burning already.
    stay safe!

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    nobody was hurt only no more fabric tails and cosplays at the moment (only some lolita-dresses, silicone tails and monofins and normal clothes left)


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