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Thread: G-Leta Mermaid?

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    G-Leta Mermaid?

    I'm just a little nervous here. I commissioned a fabric tail from G-Leta (or who I think is G-Leta, there's two Instagram accounts so I picked the one with the most followers to message) and she said my tail would be done around the 23rd of November. I paid October 21st. I don't mind if she needs more time, but I haven't heard from her since the 15th of last month... With there being two accounts, I'm worried I gave my money to a scammer. Is it normally this hard to contact them? I've tried both accounts, and two WhatsApp numbers, but no response, and I don't want to miss the window to contact PayPal if it comes down to it. Am I crazy for being nervous?

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    I haven't heard of this tailmaker before but I would absolutely follow up with paypal
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