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Thread: Spooky Mermaid to be!

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    Spooky Mermaid to be!

    Hi there,

    Having met a spooky mermaid irl at a fantasy fair, I've been obsessed to turn myself into one too! Thankfully I did see some gothic and alt ladies being spooky mermaids too here, so I certainly feel I belong in here just as much the graceful merfolk tend to be.

    Currently working on dragging myself thrice per week to the pool to get proper stamina, and about to buy a Mahina monofin as soon as I have had some proper mermaiding lessons. Because safety first after all, and I'd hardly want to bork up the privilege of being allowed to mermaid in our local pool (they allow it like gosh I'm so blessed and lucky with this). Not just for myself, but for other mermaids too. Once I actually manage to crack in some practice, I'm going to look into a tail to match the Mahina. Personally I'm eyeing a koi tail because spooky koi mermaids are so haunting beautiful. But I got another few concepts in mind, from Merrows to Sirens to Kelpies! Gods have mercy on my wallet once I fully get into this.

    In any case, if you lot have some suggestions for European makeup brands which are waterproof (because dear lord on the import taxes and shipping costs), and other European centric things for merfolk (eyegels etc), it would be appreciated!


    Your spooky siren to be

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    So maybe the midnight fits you:

    I have no idea where you will get waterproof makeup but you also have to ensure that you are allowed to use it in the pool.

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    Awesome ^^ i'm getting a silicone tail that's based on an angler fish

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    You know yourself best, but certainly one can progress from a dolphin kick to dolphin kick with bifins to dolphin kick with monofin independently, without instruction (if that would be a barrier and slow you down). Welcome and good luck!


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