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Thread: Recovering from a knee injury, getting fit again!

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    Recovering from a knee injury, getting fit again!

    Hey all! Happy new year I busted my knee figure skating last year and Iím just about getting the all clear from the doctors ( 3 1/2 months later ). Does anybody have any experience with getting back into the water/a fin after an injury? Obviously Iíll be building my fitness back before going anywhere near my fin/tail!

    Specifically I had a patellar dislocation (0/10 would not recommend ), any good vibes appreciated

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    I'd say check with your doctor first before going swimming. Tell them exactly what kind of swimming it is, fin swimming, don't just say swimming. Describe the movements etc. Then he/she will have a better idea of whats involved and and how it will affect your knees.

    If everything yes, just slow swimming in monofin in shallow water. That way, if you get tired or something, you can stand up or float. you still have the security of the floor beneath your feet. instead of treading water with sore knees.
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    Glad to know you are recovering! I had a bad fall from surfing board 2 yrs ago but luckily it is not that serious. Just listen to your doctor and therapist so you can get back to skating and extra careful next time!

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    Normally knee injury will take 1-3 months to heal or worst it will take 1 year. Better to follow your doctor and therapist advise for faster recovery.


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