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Thread: YouTube and COPPA in January 2020

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    Exclamation YouTube and COPPA in January 2020

    Hi guys !

    What do you think of that ? Will mermaids be a subject "appealing to children" ? A lot of mermaids youtubers seem to be scared of that. What's your opinion on that ?

    Petition against COPPA :
    Leave a comment to the FTC :

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    I put yes on my channel. Its up to the parents to police their kids if they don't want them watching certain stuff. And also,my niece watches my channel, so it has to be kid friendly all the time. I don't post naughty things anyway. Its all very family friendly on my channel.
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    I was just on Youtube and I watched a LARP (Live Action Role Player's) channel introduction video. I thought it was a really good edit of their content and it was inspiring to me, so I went to save it as a favorite video, and when I went to add it to my favorites, a Youtube popup came up saying that "This action is turned off for content made for kids." It also had a link saying "LEARN MORE" so I clicked on that and there was this video:

    In summary, a lot of handy things for subscribers are deactivated when you list yourself as 'Kid Content'. If you make a helpful instructional video, people can't save it to their favorites!!!
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    can't say how dumb this arbitrary distinction is.
    I set my channel to "I never upload anything made for kids", which is true, but how do I know if children watched it anyway, because mermaids?

    And pretty much any functionality (setting favorites, comments, etc) is turned off.
    Which means a lot of empty comment sections on stuff like H2O, where people used to exchange views, ask questions etc.
    Let's see how many children will like being muted all over youtube lol.


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