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Thread: Extreme Bruising from the Mahina - EDS Zebra

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    Extreme Bruising from the Mahina - EDS Zebra

    Hey there,

    Zebra mermaid here. For the non initiated, I have a tissue connection disorder which causes me to bruise easily. I got the Mahina, I sized up, got socks for it and it swims lovely. The problem is, one of my feet is taking an absolute beating, and I got a huge bruise covering my upper foot now. The other foot is completely fine. Neither have blisters tho, and my ankles are completely fine. It is just that my right foot looks and feels as if a horse stepped on it! I have high hopes I CAN make it work, seeming my other foot is completely fine!

    Might it be worth trimming the footpocket a little bit on the side of the painful foot? Because I think it is simply pushing too much against my bone and causing the insane bruising. I'm not sure how much I should chop off either. I got a rotation tool so I can smooth it out nicely at least.

    I've skimmed some threads, and a lot of people seemed to have success with trimming the footpockets, but I haven't seen a fellow Zebra talking about how to handle the Mahina bruises. Any suggestions would be welcome!

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    don't have to have EDS for monofins to hurt the top of your feet, it's a universal issue. Often corrected with socks or going up a size. it sucks! sorry it happened

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    The Mahina is especially bad for this. It has a rectangular shaped foot pocket, and, well, feet are not rectangular. I tried getting shoe stretchers, placing them in a Mahina, setting the fin in then sun and waiting. It helped a little.
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    Thanks for the advice guys! I've stuffed a pair of thick stocks around my feet, put my blowdryer on it and stretched it a bit. Trimmed some away as well. Seemed to have worked a little bit!

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