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Thread: Hello!! New Mermaid Swimming In!

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    Hello!! New Mermaid Swimming In!

    Hi my name is Mermaid Rinayla and I'm a mer from Bozeman, Montana! I have always loved mermaids but have just recently gotten into it more seriously. I got my first practice tail from FinFun and I've really enjoyed using it, but I can't wait until I have enough money to by a Mertailor Tail (currently stashing away as much treasure as I can in order to get a custom Whimsy tail). I'm originally from Colorado but have lived in Montana the last 3 years; the pod map didn't really include Montana so I assumed I should join the Rocky Mountain pod, so if there are any Mers around the Montana area I'd love to meet up! Can't wait to meet new Mer friends from all over <3

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