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    Quote Originally Posted by CurrentTheMerboy View Post
    Hi, I'm Current the Merboy.

    I'm a guy from Utah who's into stuff with merpeople for some reason. I thought it might be interesting to join this site, seeing as being interested in merfolk isn't something I feel comfortable sharing with people in public, so I thought privately I can find some fellow mermen to talk to.

    I have a deviant art account: Where I occasionally post art, and where I'm working on a merfolk themed high fantasy story.

    Thanks for making a community like this, it's nice to have a place where I can embrace my merboy-ness.
    Good to have you aboard and hope you get a tail soon and join us

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    Hello! I’m new here too! I hope you get to have lots of mer-fun!

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    Schweet another Utah mer. I just joined as well and hope to get my tail here in the next few months.

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    Welcome to the Mernetwork

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