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Thread: Rochester/Rochester Area Merfolk?

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    Rochester/Rochester Area Merfolk?

    Hello! Inquitisve newbie here. Hopefully I have found the right spot to create this thread.

    Call me Vicki. I've been poking around and researching the merfolk community and I'm debating getting involved. I don't have a tail, and though I don't doubt my crafting abilities, I'd hate to go through all the money and trouble of making/buying a tail I can only use once in a while. My main drawback is finding somewhere I can reliably swim on a regular or semiregular basis. I'm hoping I can find more experienced mers to talk to, who can give me tips or who know of pools/beaches that allow tails/monofins. Anyone out there?

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    There is a growing community on Facebook for the Albany area but I know that still a bit of a drive.
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