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    Shooter question


    I'll be getting my first silicone tail soon but the maker prefers to use their own silicone monofin over the shooter because he says that they damage the silicone. Has anyone ever had issues like this? I usually wouldn't mind going with the silicone monofin but I'm not sure if it will give me enough propulsion to actually dive under water seeing as I'm really boyant so I was hoping that people could tell me their experiences with a shooter in a silicone tail

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    I had experience with the Shooter, but not in a tail. It has rounded, beveled "corners." But the blade is stiff and thin, and can act like a knife blade in a tail with repetitive motion. In a pool, it would not be safe to lane-share when using a Shooter. In contrast, the Foil is made of rubber, has a thicker blade, and will not cut through a silicon tail. It provides plenty of thrust, travels well, and you can lane-share without any fear of injuring your lane partner.


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