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Thread: Tridents at a Reniassance festival

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    Tridents at a Reniassance festival

    Hey everyone I dressed as a mermaid at the reniassance festival last year in Ohio but want to add a trident as well as some other things but I'm unsure if I can bring a trident. The rules state all weapons must be strapped to your body and put in a sheath ....but that's kind of difficult to do with a trident if you want to sit down for shows. Does anyone know if this specifically means guns and swords or if they would count the trident as well?

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    I would say to definitely get in contact with the staff. As a general rule of thumb, if it can be mistaken for an actual weapon, you probably have some red tape to get through. I personally would view them along with weaponry such as staffs, but it all depends on the fair. Hope that helps!

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    Thank you I will have to wait until it's closer to the date and call them!

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